Interactive Novel

Golden Boys:

The Winnipeg Falcons of 1920
About The Novel
The Winnipeg Falcons are called Canada’s Golden Boys for a reason.

In the pantheon of ice hockey, they are unknown superstars, but to their fans, no one was surprised. They lived and breathed hockey, playing with a joyful menace as they took title after title and defeated team after team. Comprised of players of Icelandic descent, the Falcons suffered indignities and prejudice, and were denied access to the senior league. So, undaunted, they formed their own and played so well that they were finally invited to play in the big leagues.

In 1920, the Olympic Games took place in Antwerp, Belgium. Teams across Canada played for the privilege to represent their country. In the end, one team remained standing—the Winnipeg Falcons. This was both vindication for their suffering and recognition of their talent. The Falcons faced little competition and won the Olympic gold, handily. Canada became the first country in Olympic history to win a gold medal in hockey. Upon their return, the Falcons were celebrated from coast to coast. From humble beginnings, a pure love for hockey catapulted the team to global prominence.


Part One. Islendigur
Part Two. Becoming The Falcons
Part Three. Meet The Falcons
Part Four. The Allan Cup
Part Five. Playing the game

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